What is Estate Administration?

Estate Administration (sometimes referred to as Probate) is the process of dealing with a person’s legal and tax affairs after they’ve died.

This means dealing with all of their assets, such as property, money and personal possessions, and also dealing with their debts, before transferring what is left to the beneficiaries.

    What's involved ?

It can be a long and complex legal process, it will take months rather than weeks, unless the estate is very simple.  

It usually involves such tasks as:

  • Closing bank accounts

  • Dealing with shares and investments

  • Dealing with Inheritance Tax and Income Tax forms

  • Dealing with the Probate Office and possibly solicitors

  • Dealing with DWP, insurance companies and banks

  • Re-directing post

  • Re-homing any pets

  • Selling property and assets

    How we can help

Kings Court Trust - estate administration expertsWe work in association with Kings Court Trust, who are probate and estate administration experts, they are fully regulated by the CLC and have helped thousands of customers. We will visit you at your convenience to guide you through the estate administration process and answer any questions.

Why choose Sage Wills

  • We offer a fixed all inclusive price
  • Our price is not based on hourly rates or the value of the estate - a fixed price is quoted upfront.
  • We are significantly cheaper than most solicitors, banks and other probate providers.
  • Everything is included in the price.

Our Service

  • We take full responsibility for the full estate administration process - no worries or stress for you.
  • You can access our Freephone Probate Advice line.
  • You get regular updates regarding the progress of your case.
  • You get a dedicated Case Manager so you deal with the same person.
  • We have specialist legal and tax experts so the job gets done quickly.
  • You can check progress online any time using our case tracker, or we can text and email you too.

Leave the complex to us

  • We apply for Grant of Probate
  • We set up Trusts
  • We complete all the Inheritance Tax forms
  • We distribute assets to beneficiaries
  • We produce estate accounts